Online Shopping FTW

When it comes to shopping, it can feel like an endless grind. Getting into your car, going to the grocery store, finding your staples, pondering diversions from the norm, standing in line, forking over your money. Too many steps involved, I says. Too many steps! If only there were a way to simplify shopping… Oh wait, the internet exists. Shopping is saved! Online shopping is another example of the internet upheaving the status quo and revolutionizing the world as we know, and I have to say, it may also be one of the best ways the internet has changed our lives for the better. While you can’t get everything online just yet, we’ve come pretty close, and rest assured, we’re working on it. However, the vast majority of things you need are available on the world wide web, so you can rest easy knowing you can trim the fat off of most of your shopping ventures by shopping from the comfort of your own home.

With online shopping, there are a few different types of online stores to choose from. There are, first and foremost, your “department store” types. These include Amazon and eBay as prominent examples. They have a little bit of everything, and you can do the majority of your shopping with these stores. Then, you have more niche shopping destinations. Something like Guitar Center, for example, has a more focused selection of items. Namely, these are musical instruments and accessories. The best part, of course, is that it takes seconds to get from one store to another and just a few clicks, maybe a few clacks. It’s all very convenient. The one thing physical stores have over online stores, and they probably always will, is that a physical store can give you the product you’ve purchased on the spot. Because you’re taking care of the “shipping” by travelling to and from the physical location of these goods, you can get them much faster. However, if you’re in no hurry, it’s much more convenient to wait.

Online shopping is truly revolutionary, and I suspect it will only improve with time. The advent of drones has tremendous potential for online shopping, as you can much more quickly get packages from point A to point B with a combination of air travel and a lack of human pilot.

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